Dr. Kelly on Fox 29! ("Little Changes That Help You Lose Weight")

Our cofounder Dr. Maureen Kelly went on Fox 29 to share "little changes that help you lose weight." Watch for some easy tips everyone can apply on a daily basis that will help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Want to learn more about healthy weight loss strategies? Schedule an Initial Consultation with one of our nutrition counselors and we will help you make a personalized plan for healthy eating, weight loss, and other health goals you have.

The Wellnest on Fox 29! ("Managing Menopause With What's In Your Kitchen")

Our cofounder Dr. Maureen Kelly went on Fox 29 this past Sunday to discuss ways to use food to naturally reduce menopause's symptoms and long-term health risks. The next night Dr. Kelly, Brianna (our acupuncturist) and Katie (our dietitian) had a fantastic time teaching a class on the same subject at the Free Library of Philadelphia combining insights from their different areas of expertise. It was an extremely popular topic - the event was completely sold out! We learned how cruciferous vegetables, bone broth, Chinese herbs, certain teas and food group combinations can all have major benefits related to managing menopause.

Send a note to info@thewellne.st if you want to learn how The Wellnest can help you manage your menopausal symptoms or other hormone-related health goals!

The Wellnest on 6abc Action News ("Latest Health Trends: Do They Actually Work?")

6abc Action News asked The Wellnest to help them create this segment on some recent health fads: charcoal, Lipo B injections and the one we focused on - matcha tea! Matcha is a green tea that has been used for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies and Zen monasteries, but which is lately being consumed in trendy lattes, soft drinks and desserts. Are there health benefits to drinking matcha? Watch and see what our Dietitian Lindsey Kane has to say!

"Latest Health Trends: Do They Actually Work?"
By Ali Gorman, R.N.
Wednesday, June 10, 2015

There are hundreds of new health trends either touted online, in magazines or just by word-of-mouth but are they really healthy or is it just hype?

We checked out three products and asked our experts.

Up first, it's the latest addition to juices: charcoal.

Makers like Juice Generation have added activated charcoal to lemonade, leafy greens and vegan protein.

6abc Producer Cheryl Mettendorf and I did a taste test.

First we tried the activated lemonade, which we thought was good.

But as for the others, they might be an acquired taste.

But why add charcoal to drinks in the first place?

The claim is that it helps draw toxins out of the body, which can lead to better digestion and clearer skin.

I asked Dr. Charlie Seltzer, a weight loss expert, what he thinks.

He says charcoal will bind to things in the digestive tract and flush them out.

But he says the problem is it binds to everything - even those three pounds of leafy greens.

"The charcoal is basically going to bind to all the good stuff and take it right out, thus defeating the purpose," said Dr. Seltzer.

Juice Generation argues they use the recommended dosage which they say is not enough to flush the nutrients.

We contacted them and they gave us the following statement:

Juice Generation uses the recommended dosage of 1 tsp per 8 ounces of fluid, which is not enough to flush the nutrients from your body that you are consuming in the juice. The goal with the activated charcoal juice line is to integrate them into a healthy lifestyle for added detoxifying benefits. 

Smaller shots infused with clay also claim to help detox the body. Again Dr. Seltzer is not a fan.

"No single detox product is really going to make you healthier," he said.

Next up, a product some doctors say can help boost weight loss.

Lipo B injections are a mixture of vitamin B12 with minerals and amino acids.

Nichole Spohn got them as part of a successful weight loss plan.

Her doctor Richard Dittrich explains how the injections can help.

"It allows the liver to work more efficiently and allows the body to metabolize the fat better," said Dr. Dittrich.

But he says it's only part of the puzzle. Spohn also changed her diet.

"Lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats," she said.

And her weight loss was gradual.

"So is Lipo B by itself the answer: no. But can it help in conjunction with other things? Positively," said Dr. Dittrich.

Our last health trend is not new but has found new popularity: Matcha tea.

Some say drinking it boosts metabolism and can help you lose weight.

Registered dietitian Lindsey Kane explains Matcha is pure, whole tea leaves

"So instead of just seeping the dried tea leaves in hot water, we're grinding it up and in a powder form and it's distributed throughout our entire drink," said Kane.

So it has fiber and packs a high anti-oxidant punch, which means it may boost heart health and lower your risk for some diseases.

As for helping with weight loss, that's never been proven.

But Kane says in ancient times, Matcha helped people slow down and be more mindful, which is still a healthy practice today.

"If Matcha if anything gets us to be more present, that's a good thing," said Kane.

As for the taste, it tastes like a strong green tea.

You can also find Matcha at some coffee houses now including Starbucks.

But if you get a Matcha latte, meaning it's mixed with milk and sugar, then it loses some of its health benefits.

For more information: 

Wellnest Dietitian Lindsey Kane on Philly.com ("Revamp Your Diet: How To Find A Happy 'Meatium'")

In her latest article on Philly.com, our Dietitian Lindsey explains how to eat meat and still "belong to the healthy eating club." Learn how to choose it, how to cook it, how much of it to eat and how to convince your brain you're eating larger portions than you are in "Revamp Your Diet: How To Find A Happy 'Meatium'."

The Wellnest on 6abc Action News ("Diet Detours: Vending Machines")

6abc's health reporter Ali Gorman, RN talks with The Wellnest's Dietitian Lindsey Kane about what's really in the sweet and savory snacks you find in vending machines. From trans fats and added sugar, the finding is that most items in vending machines are unfortunately a diet detour.

The Wellnest on 6abc Action News ("What Your Food Cravings Say About Your Body")

6abc Action News features The Wellnest and our Dietitian Lindsey Kane in a segment on food cravings! Check out this clip to learn what your body is trying to tell you when you start thinking about chocolate, salt, and sugar.

The Wellnest Holiday Gift Shop!

We’ve put together some special ideas for those dearest to you on your holiday list. See below for gifts which bring peace of mind, renewed energy and good health! We can ship beautifully packaged gift cards too - just let us know.

For the person on your list with exciting things ahead of them in 2015:

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Acupuncture & Meditation Package / $165


For the person on your list who loves to cook and eat and is interested in learning more about eating healthily:

Give this person a special tour of the supermarket uniquely tailored to their needs with a Registered Dietitian. During the tour, he or she will learn all about new healthy products on the market, marketing ploys to watch out for, and opportunities to re-stock their pantry with delicious and healthy ingredients. Great for those who are looking to lose weight or simply eat better in the New Year.

90-minute small group tour on January 3rd, 2014 / $45
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5 Ways to Turn Holiday Stress Into A Chance for Growth and Insight

The holidays can throw us off balance. Our routines are interrupted, demands on our time and bank accounts multiply, and it seems we have little space for ourselves amidst the parties and wrapping paper. Holidays can bring us great joy and great stress, all at the same time.

To compound this surplus of activities, spending, food, etc., holidays can challenge us at a fundamental level too - raising deeper questions that we may not want to look at during the rest of the year and potentially piquing emotions about our family, our relationships, the state of our homes, our success in relation to others, you name it.

The thing about all of this is, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. If we are willing to recognize that the holidays bring certain stressers our way, then we can also be prepared to examine our reactions and even use this time to practice techniques to prevent and mitigate stress.

How might we go about that?

1. Practice Self-Awareness

Make sure you are checking in with yourself regularly. If you feel yourself approaching wide-eyed panic about all the things you have to do, a bout of anger towards a family member or sadness about recent life events, acknowledge those feelings. In the vein of one of my favorite Buddhist teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh, it is better to say "Hello, Anxiety" or "Hello, Sadness" than to close up and tell them to go away. If anything, recognizing those feelings reduces their power over you. And of course, if something brings you feelings of peace and joy, acknowledge that as well.

2. Do Things for Yourself

We are all extremely busy in general, and even more so during the holidays, but we will make time for the things that we prioritize. Taking care of yourself should be of utmost priority always, but especially during times of stress. You don't have to say yes to everything and everyone at this time of year. You are allowed to sleep and exercise. You are allowed to stay home. You are allowed to read, go for a walk or run, get a pedicure or a massage. These are necessary counterbalances for all the extroversion you are likely experiencing. If it seems impossible with your schedule or family demands, ask for help. Others will recognize and appreciate that you are carving out this time.

3. Give Thanks

What are you thankful for? When we stop and think of all the things we are grateful for, we remember the people and things that we love which are the ultimate reasons for celebrating at this time of year. Intentionally connecting with these ideas can reveal to us the truest meaning of the holidays.

4. Breathe, Meditate, Do Yoga, Sit Quietly

Do activities every day that you find centering. As Karin Otto (one of our yoga and meditation instructors at The Wellnest) teaches, these activities that calm the nervous system have widespread effects - easing stress and anxiety, promoting circulation and digestion, releasing physical tension and imbalances, and cultivating an environment for healing and wellbeing on every level. With all the gift-giving happening right now, consider it your gift to yourself.  

5.  Plan for January

If something was really difficult for you during the holidays or you came to a realization about your wellbeing, make plans to address it in January. Did you have a hard time eating in moderation? Do you suffer from stress more than just during the holidays? Do you need support dealing with a larger life event, like a loss or low self-esteem? There are healers and supporters in our midst, and being pro-active in shoring up our wellness and happiness is never a waste of time or money.

This year, try to treat the unusual demands of the holidays as a unique opportunity rather than merely a strain. They can provide us with a chance for great growth and insights, if we allow them.

Originally published as a guest post on the Katie K Active blog.

Individual & Couples Counseling Arrive at The Wellnest

One of The Wellnest's greatest assets is our practitioners. They are true healers and their expertise is the foundation for what we do at The Wellnest. In keeping with this, we now welcome psychologist Dr. Erin Hadley to our exceptional team to launch our Individual & Couples Counseling program.

Fighting Breast Cancer with Wellness

The Wellnest recently began partnering with Unite for Her, a nonprofit which educates women with breast cancer about the greatly beneficial impact that therapies like nutrition, acupuncture, massage, yoga and counseling can have in helping them fight their disease and manage their symptoms and side effects. Not only that, Unite for Her gives each woman they work with between $2,000 and $3,000 to pursue the therapies of their choice for a year.

How, do these therapies help in the fight against breast cancer?

15 Common Uses for Acupuncture

1. Stress

2. Anxiety

3. Headaches

4. Migraines

5. Neck & Back Pain

6. Allergies

7. Digestive Issues (e.g. Constipation)

8. Arthritis

9. Trouble Sleeping

10. Depression

11. Psoriasis

12. Irregular Menstrual Cycles

13. Hot flashes & Other Menopausal Symptoms

14. Infertility

15. Heavy Periods & Cramping

Today is World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day, it’s important to ask yourself the following question: When you think about preventing sickness and maintaining a healthy body, do you include your mental health in that picture?

Mental health is an incredibly important part of our health as humans, but we pay relatively little attention to it compared to our physical health. Most of us accept stress as a modern day malady and have never learned practical techniques to maintain a healthy mental outlook.

The Wellnest (and fam) on the Sustainable Business Network

Philadelphia, Sept. 15th, 2014 - Sustainable Business as Family Legacy: SBN Welcomes a Third Business from the Kelly Clan

Three women, three sustainable businesses, three SBN members, one Kelly family. SBN welcomes The Wellnest, our newest member, and the third business from the entrepreneurial women of the Kelly family into our community. The Wellnest was founded by mother-daughter team, Dr. Maureen Kelly and Alyssa Kelly Boente, to “bring a set of therapies and expert practitioners under one roof to care for an individual’s mind, body and spirit,” a type of space they felt was missing from the traditional healthcare model.