healthy eating

Dr. Kelly on Fox 29! ("Little Changes That Help You Lose Weight")

Our cofounder Dr. Maureen Kelly went on Fox 29 to share "little changes that help you lose weight." Watch for some easy tips everyone can apply on a daily basis that will help you achieve your weight loss goals!

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The Wellnest on Fox 29! ("Managing Menopause With What's In Your Kitchen")

Our cofounder Dr. Maureen Kelly went on Fox 29 this past Sunday to discuss ways to use food to naturally reduce menopause's symptoms and long-term health risks. The next night Dr. Kelly, Brianna (our acupuncturist) and Katie (our dietitian) had a fantastic time teaching a class on the same subject at the Free Library of Philadelphia combining insights from their different areas of expertise. It was an extremely popular topic - the event was completely sold out! We learned how cruciferous vegetables, bone broth, Chinese herbs, certain teas and food group combinations can all have major benefits related to managing menopause.

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