Nutrition is one of the few things under our control that has a major impact on our health. Whether you’re familiar with nutrition concepts but have difficulty implementing them or this is the beginning of a new chapter in your approach to food, nutrition counseling can help you achieve a wide variety of health goals. Ready to get started? Read on.


Initial Consultation

This hour-long meeting with one of our nutrition counselors will get you on track to making the changes you want to make, whether that’s reaching an optimal weight, managing a health issue, reducing cravings, getting the right nutrients for your body, reducing inflammation or maximizing energy. Together you'll develop a nutrition plan based on your nutritional needs, medical history, lifestyle, food preferences, and relationships. $95


Follow Up Consultation

Once you’ve developed a plan in your Initial Consultation, additional meetings will help you stay on track, solve issues that come up as you implement your plan, and answer questions that arise. Follow Up Consultations last 30 minutes and can be scheduled as frequently as makes sense for your goals. 

Follow Up Consultation / $55

4 Follow Ups / $210

6 Follow Ups / $300

Initial Consultation & 3 Follow Ups / $245

Initial Consultation & 5 Follow Ups / $335

Initial Consultation & 11 Follow Ups / $630


Meal Planning Session

Meal plans are incredibly helpful in turning nutritional guidance into new and delicious habits. Create menus, get recipes full of foods you love, and learn about preparation and serving sizes. In addition, we'll give you ideas about how to save money and integrate your plan with meals you share with your family. Meal Planning Sessions are 30 minutes.

Meal Planning Session / $55


Guided Supermarket Tour

Food shopping is a key element in your nutritional routine and taking a different approach to what you buy can make an enormous difference to your health. In this 90-minute personalized tour of your supermarket, you'll learn how to read nutrition labels, avoid faux-health scams, learn the most nutrient-dense options, save money on healthy foods and ultimately make the most of what goes into your cart. $195


Metabolic Testing

Some individuals need a deeper investigation of blood sugar, insulin, thyroid function and other hormone levels to inform their nutrition plan. We provide this testing if your Wellnest nutritionist or your doctor has recommended it to you. $70