An extraordinary center that provides resources, therapies, and support to individuals with health concerns to help them achieve and maintain wellness.


Our Vision

We founded The Wellnest to provide individuals with health concerns the support and resources they need to live healthily and happily. Many times, our mental and physical health needs extend beyond the scope of traditional medical care -- this is especially true when we are experiencing a difficult health issue or after its treatment is completed. The Wellnest is a space where you can find advice and services from expert practitioners to manage stress, find balance and wellbeing, recover strength and be part of a community of people experiencing health scenarios similar to your own. Our team brings knowledge from diverse backgrounds and is equipped to address your concerns in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary way.

What We Offer

Private Appointments

  • Acupuncture

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Individual and Couples Therapy

  • Massage & Bodywork

Workshops & Group Classes

  • Healthy Cooking Classes

  • Support Groups for Individuals with Similar Health Conditions 
  • Yogassage (Yoga & Massage)

  • Yoga & Creative Writing

  • Meditation

  • Strategies for Alleviating Stress

  • Nutrition for Emotional & Physical Balance