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14-Day Fall Reset Cleanse

Reset your body and re-energize yourself for fall with this 14-Day Fall Reset Cleanse. Guided by our holistic nutritionist Leslie Neri, you will follow daily instructions for a plant-based diet along with certain natural daily supplements that we will provide. The first week will focus on elimination and detoxification while the second will center around rebuilding a solid foundation for a healthy digestive system.

Most people who follow this cleanse experience weight loss between 5 to 10 pounds, clearer skin, more energy, better sleep, and a general overall sense of wellbeing.

Sign up by September 25th to reserve your spot. The kick-off meeting (when you will also pick up your supplies) will be October 3rd at 7:00pm.

$125 (includes personalized coaching, the 14-Day Reset Cleanse guide, and all the supplements needed to complete the cleanse)

*Please note: Cleansing is great for everyone except those who are pregnant, nursing, currently undergoing fertility treatments, have type 1 diabetes, or cannot use natural diuretics. If you are currently taking any medications please consult your doctor. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us.