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The Pre-Conception Diet for a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy (A Free Cooking Class)

Did you know that a healthy pregnancy begins before you conceive? There is significant research showing that certain foods, dietary and lifestyle habits, and weight guidelines promote fertility in both men and women. Not only that, but these factors contribute to the mother’s ability to carry a pregnancy safely and to the development and nourishment of the baby in the womb and after he or she is born.

Join fertility expert and Wellnest cofounder Dr. Maureen Kelly at The Free Library of Philadelphia's Culinary Literacy Center to learn what you can do to best prepare yourself for a healthy pregnancy. Through her work as a Reproductive Endocrinologist in Philadelphia for nearly 25 years, Dr. Kelly has helped thousands to achieve their dream of having a healthy baby. With the help of the audience, Dr. Kelly will demonstrate how to make several recipes for snacks and meals that incorporate the high quality proteins, complex carbs, folic acid, antioxidants and iron needed to maximize fertility in men and women.

This event is free! But space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot.